Ward Gay #20 – 4 1/2″

View Knife Ward Gay #20 – 4 1/2″

4 1⁄2” blade of 1⁄4” stock (01 Tool Steel only). Thumb notches on top of blade for thumb placement. 4 1⁄2” handle length, nickel silver single hilt, black micarta handle with finger grips on the under side of handle...

Copper Companion 5”

View Knife Copper Companion 5”

A 5″ blade of 3/16″ stainless steel stock, top edge sharpened 1”. Thumb notches on top of blade. Approx. 4 ½” handle length. Copper single hilt, copper with red fiber and black micarta spacers, stag handle with 1/16” copper plate...

#14 grind #12 9″ Sportsman Bowie

View Knife #14 grind #12 9″ Sportsman Bowie

1-5/8″ wide, of ¼” stock (Stainless shown). Top cutting edge sharpened (approx. 3-¾”). 5″ (approx.) leather handle, brass lugged hilt and duralumin butt cap. Made to meet the demand for a heavy-duty sporting knife of the Bowie type. This...

Filet Knife

View Knife Filet Knife

9″ blade of 3/16″ stainless stock. Thumb notches, nickel silver single hilt and Stag. 4-¾” handle length. (Aluminum/black spacers, black micarta handle material and wrist thong is shown in photo.)  The standard handle material on the Filet Knife is...

Chef’s Knife

View Knife Chef’s Knife

6″ blade of ¼” stainless stock. Thumb notches, 4-¾” handle length, brass hilt, red spacers, black micarta with a comfortable handle grip, wrist thong. Designed for kitchen use. Model sold as shown. Supplied with leather blade cover. (Wt. 12.3...

#4 6″ Fighter

View Knife #4 6″ Fighter

6″ blade of ¼” stock. Top bevel sharpened. 4-¾” handle length. Brass double hilt, leather handle, duralumin butt cap. Original Randall Made WWII Fighter design. Supplied with Model A sheath. (Wt. 9.3 oz.)

Sergeant’s Model

View Knife Sergeant’s Model

5″ blade of ¼” stock. 4-5/8″ handle length. Sharpened top bevel. Thumb notches, brass hilt, leather handle, duralumin butt cap. Supplied with Model A sheath. (Wt. 9 oz.)

Fireman Special

View Knife Fireman Special

4 1/4″ blade of ¼” stainless. Extra-heavy beveled blade. Thumb notches. Brass single hilt. Extra-heavy 7/8″ wide tang runs through channel in handle. Approx. 4 ½” handle of black micarta. Wrist thong. (Note-standard with finger grip handle; single finger...

#26 4″ Pathfinder

View Knife #26 4″ Pathfinder

4″ drop point blade of 3/16″ stock. (Stainless shown.) Approx. 4 3/8″ handle length. (Photo illustrates #25 handle configuration of brass hilt, leather/stag handle with brass/black spacers and brass butt cap. (Base model #26 standard with stag handle.). (Butt...

Cattleman and Yachtsman

View Knife Cattleman and Yachtsman

3 ¼” blade of 3/16″ stock. Sheep’s foot design blade. Thumb notches. Reduced-only brass hilt. Approx. 4″ flat-sided stag handle. (Stainless is recommended for marine use.) Supplied with cover sheath. (Wt. 4 oz.)

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