Model 27M Copper Miniature

View Knife Model 27M Copper Miniature

A 3 1/2″ blade of  3/16″ stainless steel stock.  The blade and handle-length specs are the same as the brass or nickel silver hardware #27Mini.  This #27Mini handle is configured with a copper hilt, leather washers and black/copper spacers...

Model 28 – Woodsman

View Knife Model 28 – Woodsman

Drop point hunter blade. Full tang handle construction. 4 1/4″ handle length. Single brass hilt. Green micarta handle material (black micarta available). Border patrol shape. Top of blade notched for thumb placement. Wrist thong with brass ferrule. Sturdy overall...

Model 27 – Mini Trailblazer

View Knife Model 27 – Mini Trailblazer

#27 mini blade is 3/16″ stainless steel stock with 3 1/2″ blade length. Handle length approximately 3 3/8″. Configured with #27 Trailblazer handle.  Please specify brass or nickel silver hilt.   If no hilt material  is specified the handle...

Model 27 – Trailblazer

View Knife Model 27 – Trailblazer

New 13-spacer configuration includes red micarta sections and a stag handle. Brass 1/16″ plate. An ideal all-around heavy-duty sportsman’s knife. Options available: stainless steel blade, nickel silver hilt and butt plate, or #25 handle configuration with brass hilt/brass butt...

Model 26 – Pathfinder

View Knife Model 26 – Pathfinder

Excellent skinning and outdoors knife with drop point blade. Cover sheath supplied.

Model 25 – Trapper

View Knife Model 25 – Trapper

Thumb notch and top of hilt molded for thumb placement. Nickel silver hilt. Duralumin butt cap; Brass available upon request. Standard with natural stag. (Name etching, stainless blade, and wrist thong only options available.) Drop point hunter, similar to...

Model 23 – Gamemaster

View Knife Model 23 – Gamemaster

Top cutting edge sharpened approximately 2 1/2″. 4 1/2″-5/8″ leather handle. Brass hilt. Duralumin butt cap. A variation of Model 19, serving the same purposes, developed because of popular demand for a knife with these characteristics. Top edge is...

Model 21 – Little Game

View Knife Model 21 – Little Game

4″-4 1/4″ genuine imported stag handle. Brass hilt. Especially suited for caping and other delicate cutting duties. Top of blade in front of hilt notched for thumb placement. (Not available with leather handle.)

Model 20 – Yukon Skinner

View Knife Model 20 – Yukon Skinner

Brass hilt and Duralumin butt cap are standard. An adaptation of our Model 4 especially designed for big game purposes by Ward Gay, famous Alskan bush pilot. Top of blade in front of hilt notched for thumb placement.

Model 19 – Bushmaster

View Knife Model 19 – Bushmaster

Top cutting edge sharpened approximately 2-1/2″. 4-1/4″-5/8″ leather handle. Brass hilt. Duralumin butt cap. Designed by a professional woodsman for all-around camp and big game hunting purposes. Top of blade in front of hilt notched for thumb placement. The...

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